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Aches And Pains

Pain is exhausting and debilitating, a sign of a physical or psychological problem, which should never be disregarded. Sensation can range from minor discomfort to searing pain that can be quite intolerable. The way in which people react to pain and the amount of pain different people can bear (known as your pain threshold) varies enormously: extroverts seem to be able to endure more pain than introverts. Even personal pain thresholds vary: if you are under stress or feeling depressed, for example, your pain threshold is lower.

Minor aches, such as those experienced after prolonged exercise, may well be alleviated by soaking yourself in a warm seaweed or herb bath, or by applying a poultice of seaweed powder mixed with hot water to the painful area: warmth is very beneficial in relieving aches. There are many commercial bath preparations, too, which help the muscles relax. Pain as a result of stress may also benefit from this treatment. Aspirin can alleviate some pain as it has an anti-inflammatory effect, but it should not be used for more than a few days without medical advice. Aches and pains which do not respond to relaxation, massage, warm baths and self analysis may need professional help. Consult your doctor, however, if you suffer severe pain as a result of exercise, sudden pain or persistent headaches. He or she will treat your pain variously according to its cause, and may possibly prescribe analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs. Traditionally various methods have been used to deal with pain. Today there is increasing interest in the following:

Regional therapy - A treatment involving injecting a wide variety of traditional pain-killing substances directly into painful areas, the substance used depending on the type and location of pain. Regional therapy works quickly and, because it bypasses the digestive system, it avoids some of the side-effects of drugs and assimilation difficulties.

Acupuncture - Either the traditional needle method or the modern application of tiny electrical currents to the customary needle zones can help. Acupuncture is believed to relieve pain by stimulating the body's own central nervous system to produce its natural pain-killers called endorphins and enkephalins (see separate entry) which lie in the spinal cord.

Autogenics, autosuggestion, autohypnosis and meditation - By altering the subject's state of consciousness, all these techniques can be effective in reducing or removing pain.

Aromatherapy - There are approximately 60 essential oils with local pain-killing properties, the most common being rosemary and sage. Choice depends very much on the person being treated, what suits both their skin and their problem (see aromatherapy). Ask your aromatherapist for advice.

Dietary alterations - Discomfort resulting from food allergy can very often be remedied by detailed investigation, then controlled diet. Dietary alteration to alleviate pain from other causes, unless directly medically indicated (such as in the case of diabetes) is considered controversial by doctors. Special diets for conditions such as arthritis abound, and some individuals have found them helpful.

Shiatzu/acupressure - These can be used to relieve pain, but trained practitioners should be consulted as there are some situations where they are best avoided, particularly it conventional pain relieving methods are being used. The treatment involves use of manual pressure along energy channels.

Osteopathy, chiropractic and the Alexander Technique Manipulative therapies - These can remove or alleviate pain, either by acting on the specific source of a pain, or by correcting bad posture and low body performance. These are often used in conjunction with therapies that concentrate on the psyche.

Herbalism - The holistic approach is applied to problems like pain. This means that the whole being and situation are taken into consideration when prescribing herbal remedies.

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