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Bioglo Cherry Pink And Nipple Cream

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Japanese Plum For Gastrointestinal Problems

Japanese Plum Balls

Helps to relieve digestive problems, gastric and abdominal pain, indigestion, excessive gas and relieves mild food poisoning.


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Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil has helped millions of people overcome skin imperfections. New or old, scars, pits and other skin blemishes quickly submit to the healing powers of this restorative oil from Mother Nature!

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Ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH, is the type which we drink. It can be distilled from various types of decaying vegetable matter. Long known for its pleasurable effects as a drink, alcohol depresses the action of the central nervous system, producing blurred reactions. Alcohol rubbed into skin dilates the blood vessels and produces a mildly counter-irritant effect.

For Drinking Alcohol

  • In small doses alcohol has a tonic effect, lifting tired spirits, relaxing tension.
  • A glass of wine can heighten appetite and aid digestion, and thus is sometimes prescribed for convalescents.
  • There is some evidence that small quantities of alcohol can help prevent coronary heart disease. In these quantities alcohol seems to increase the proportion of the protecting high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in the blood.

Against Drinking Alcohol

  • Although there is little evidence that light drinking shortens life, heavy drinking does.
  • Drinking alcohol can be addictive, producing a strong habit which is extremely hard to break.
  • Heavy drinking can exacerbate stress, increase cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Heavy consumption of alcohol, causes a various of serious illnesses among which are:
    • chronic gastritis, a severe stomach inflammation which renders digestion very difficult, producing weight loss.
    • cirrhosis of the liver, an effect of heavy drinking which incurably damages liver cells.
    • peripheral neuritis, causing damage to nervous system.
    • cardiomyopathy, enlargement of the heart muscle, which can, ultimately, cause very serious damage to it.
    • severe brain damage and even dementia, where mental processes are disordered.

Sensible drinking

While not forgetting the dangers of drinking too much, small amounts are very enjoyable. In order to slow down alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, try to eat when you drink and dilute drinks whenever possible. Don't drink just because others are, but only when you really want to - and don't encourage others to drink; it can be far from kind or generous. Be aware of the amount you are drinking. watch yourself to check that you are not falling into a habit of drinking several glasses of wine every night after work and be vigilant for your friends too.

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