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Most doctors are adamant that nothing can be cone to delay the body's ageing process. There has recently been increased interest in this field by medical personnel, laymen and women. The following are some of the treatments currently available.

Cosmetic acupuncture

Facial acupuncture can tone and firm the skin and will also increase general well-being by balancing body energies. Several needles are used, followed by a facial massage.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Hormones can be administered orally, and may be helpful particularly during the menopause when supplies of progesterone and cestrogen diminish.

Cosmetic surgery

The drastic solution which does nothing to hold back the ageing process in the body, but rejuvenates its outward appearance by up to ten years. It is often successful, but can be uncomfortable and take time both to achieve and recover from.

Cell replacement/rejuvenation therapies

Much work has been done in this area. Embryonic animal organs transplanted into humans have been found to stimulate production of new human cells. Ribonucleic acid (RNA), which was found to be the active component, can now be administered by injection.

Gerovital H3 therapy

This drug treatment of injections followed by tablets has been widely used since the 1950s and has been found helpful in treatment both of the symptoms of ageing and of depression.

Glandular extract therapy

Extracts of glands have been found to be helpful in maintaining a youthful body. Extracts are either injected or taken in tablet form. Each type of gland extract supposedly benefits the matching gland, for example, pituitary extract will be attracted to the pituitary. However, the efficacy of such treatment is considered highly contentious by most doctors.


Helium-neon lasers have been used unsuccessfully in attempts to produce non-surgical face lifts. Redness accompanied by swelling lasts 15 days: wrinkles return as soon as swelling subsides.

Vitamin therapy

Large noses of vitamins in the form of orthomolecular therapy or megavitamin therapy are advocated by some therapists to delay the ageing process. Most doctors are skeptical of the value of such treatment and concerned at the possibility of overdoses of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F and K.

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