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Fat aspiration is a relatively new development in the body sculpture field. Although up to 2 kg (4 1/2 lb) of fat can be removed, it is not an alternative to dieting. Fat is removed from areas where the number and distribution of fat cells mean that no amount of slimming or exercise will shift them. In removing the fat cells, or lipocytes, the fat-forming potential of the area goes: cell numbers and distribution are thought to be fixed during the first year of life when eating habits and patterns are established. Common areas for aspiration are the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and chin.

The Process

Aspiration is carried out under general anaesthetic. Although it does not rate as full cosmetic surgery, it should only be carried out by a competent, qualified surgeon. Great care has to be taken over the amount of fat removed in order to retain the body's natural contours and to ensure that thigh matches thigh, and so on. An incision approximately 4-6 mm long is made. A tube is inserted, and the fat cells (lipocytes) literally sucked out. The tube itself is used to break fatty tissue from its fibrous connections. The incision is covered with a dressing for 10 days, after which there are twice-weekly massages for 6 weeks to stimulate the circulation and disperse oedema (swelling due to fluid retention). Twelve weeks after the operation, bruising and swelling will have disappeared, leaving just a tiny scar.

Problems With Aspiration

  • Aspiration is most successful on people under 40: skin elasticity, which decreases with age, is an important factor in overall success.
  • Incompetent aspiration can leave odd bumps and ridges beneath the skin which will not disappear, or sagging folds of skin which will need surgical removal.

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