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Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples

Bioglo Cherry Pink And Nipple Cream

Men love baby soft, natural pinkish lips and nipples!


Japanese Plum For Gastrointestinal Problems

Japanese Plum Balls

Helps to relieve digestive problems, gastric and abdominal pain, indigestion, excessive gas and relieves mild food poisoning.


Stop Shying Away From Cameras, Mirrors And Important People!

Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil has helped millions of people overcome skin imperfections. New or old, scars, pits and other skin blemishes quickly submit to the healing powers of this restorative oil from Mother Nature!

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Bioglo Mineral Clay Mask

Why Should You Buy From Us?
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The Age-Old Secret For Clearer, Smoother, Shine-Free Skin

Effortlessly Achieve Cleaner, Healthier & Younger-Looking Skin

Works wonder for oily, normal combination and even dry skin. Every application leaves skin thoroughly cleansed, smooth and supple with a healthy glow.

Since ancient times, clay has been revered for its extraordinary effects on healthy, beautiful skin. Over 7,000 years ago, the Egyptians used clay from the banks of the Nile for both healing and aesthetic therapies.

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  • 100ml
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Most Highly Prized Clays!

Bioglo Mineral Clay Mask is easy-slenulated with Illite and Kaolin, two of the most highly prized clays in the world. Using only the elements that nature provides for us, this mask effectively clears pores of excess oil and other impurities while nourishing, exfoliating and moisturising skin.

No parabens, sulphates, PEG, mineral oils, easy-slenaldehyde, dioxane, phthalates, GMOs, synthetic preservatives & colourants.

Natural Clays With Miraculous Beautifying Effects

Illite - This layered silicate is a very powerful detoxifying substance.With a rich mineral content and tremendous absorbing properties, Illite acts like a magnet for toxins, offering you unmatched purifying and cleansing effects.

Kaolin - This natural silicate has been used for centuries as a cosmetic ingredient in both facial masks and other aesthetic treatments. Kaolin is highly regarded for its absorbency and astringency, offering you double the clarifying and detoxifying benefits when paired with Illite.

  • Clears pores of excess oil and impurities, including dirt particles and makeup residue
  • Gently exfoliates dull and dead skin cells, revealing the smoother, more radiant-looking skin beneath
  • Infuses your skin with much needed minerals to boost circulation and stimulate cell renewal
  • Tightens pores for a more refined look and eliminates blackheads and whiteheads
  • Protects skin from external aggressors and helps reduce redness and inflammation
  • Revitalises tired-looking skin and helps restore firmness, suppleness and vigor
  • Uses natural botanicals like algae, aloe, cucumber and chamomile to calm, soothe and replenish skin and witch hazel to shrink pore size

Direction for use:

Apply a generous amount evenly onto cleansed and dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off thoroughly with water.
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