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Body Odor

Body odor is caused by the evaporation of bacteria laden moisture molecules from the skin's surface. Sweat itself has no intrinsic smell, but pick up both the natural, individual smell of the skin as well as the smell of bacteria on the skin's surface.

Avoiding odor

  • Odor-laden sweat is easily trapped in hairy areas, so these need to be kept particularly clean, so these need to be kept particularly clean. It can also be trapped by clothes, as it disperses with evaporation. Wear natural fibres, which allow moisture to escape, next to the skin wherever possible.
  • Keep clean, have a bath or shower every day, but avoid too many deodorant soaps: they destroy helpful bacteria as well as odorous ones.
  • Anti-perspirants reduce actual sweating. Deodorants reduce bacteria activity and therefore odor.
  • Anti-perspirants often contain zinc or manganese which impede sweating in the gland. Ensure that you eat plenty of foods containing these minerals as they work from the inside, too.
  • Smelly feet can be problematic. Keep scrupulously clean. Choose natural fibres, which allow moisture to escape, for socks and tights wherever possible. Change them every day and wash them frequently. Deodorant sprays work just like underarm types. Medicated insoles and deodorant-impregnated socks can also be helpful.
  • If your body odor presents a serious problem, consult your doctor. It may be a symptom of dietary problems or medical problems.

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