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Japanese Plum Balls

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Oriyen Colo-Cleanse

Why Should You Buy From Us?
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Free & Light Gently... Naturally

Gentle, Safe & Effective Way to Regular Bowel Movement

Regular and complete bowel movement may well be a key component in maintaining youthful health, energy and wellbeing. It may also play an important role in maintaining a healthy body weight and clean, clear skin.

Herbs such as aloe vera, apricot seeds, chinese foxglove, chinese skullcap, dong quai, liquorice root, peach seeds and rhubarb are amongst the most effective herbs that have been used over the centuries to gently cleanse the colon of impacted wastes and to restore regular bowel activity.

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[Price: US$19.90 each, Net Content: 30 vegetable-based capsules, Availability: In stock, Buy 2 and get 3rd FREE! ]

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Oriyen Colo-Cleanse

What does Oriyen Colo-Cleanse do?

Oriyen Colo-Cleanse contains a prefect combination of safe and effective herbs to promote and restore colon health. It gently softens and removes accumulated hardened build up of disease-causing wastes and toxins in the intestines and colon to alleviate the distress caused by a toxic colon such as constipation, bloatedness, excessive gas or flatulence.

You not only get a more regular bowel movement, but more complete absorption of health-inducing nutrients from the food you eat. With regular consumption of Oriyen Colo-Cleanse, you will enjoy the benefits of vibrant health.

Here's a simple checklist to help you decide if you colon is clogged up:

  • Frequent constipation or diarrhoea
  • Recurring headaches
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Irritability
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Sallow and dull complexion
  • Muscular pains and joint stiffness
  • Prone to sickness or infections
  • Low energy and loss of vitality
  • Allergies and intolerance to certain foods
  • Food cravings
  • Body odor and bad breath
  • Digestion problems (indigestion, gas, flatulence)
  • Bloatedness and distension
  • Haemorrhoids or piles
  • Swollen or varicose veins
  • Skin problems such as rashes, eczema and breakouts

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, you may well be suffering from a sluggish colon.

Excerpt from Colon Health, the Key to a Vibrant Life by Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., Ph.D.

"Few of us realise that failure to effectively eliminate waste products from the body causes so much fermentation and putrefaction (rotting of waste matter) in the colon that the neglected accumulation of waste can, and frequently does, result in a lingering demise! Infirmity and sickness is the direct result of allowing the intestines to remain loaded with waster matter."


Take 1-2 capsules daily or as needed.


Aloe vera, apricot seed, Chinese foxglove, Chinese skullcap, dong quai, liquorice root, peach seed and rhubarb.


I used to suffer from severe constipation since I was 15, and could only move my bowels once every 3 days. Now, with just one capsule of Colo-Cleanse daily, I am able to move my bowels daily!” Ms. Ng, Malaysia


Excerpt from "Colon Health, the Key to a Vibrant Life" by Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., PH.D.
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