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Fat And Overweight

We have avoided calling overweight people 'fat' because their self-esteem tends to take enough of a battering as it is. But fat and overweight are linked in several important ways. First, the overweight that represents a health risk, the most common way of being overweight, is to have too much fat in your body. It is possible to be technically overweight, to weigh more than your ideal body weight, by having very large muscles. Many weightufters and body-builders would be overweight in this sense. We don't recommend overdoing exercise like this and, if you're silly enough to use drugs to increase your muscle bulk, we think you have muscles between your ears.

Your body weight can also fluctuate because of differing amounts of water being retained. Many women notice a variation like this associated with their menstrual cycle and you should not let such natural variations discourage you from continuing with your weight loss programme. If you have a physical condition causing lots of fluid retention, that kind of overweight obviously needs medical treatment. While we are considering the role of water in body weight, it's worth noting that many of the gimmicky approaches to weight loss actually produce mainly a loss of water, not of fat. You will weigh less after you have run around the block twenty times while wearing a wet suit. You will also be dangerously dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion. If you survive, you will replace your sudden weight loss as soon as you have a drink and a shower, unless you intend to stay permanently dehydrated.

Fat is also linked to being overweight in another important way. A gram of fat provides more than twice as many kilojoules as a gram of either carbohydrate or protein. It is a very energy rich food and it is usually one of the main sources of surplus energy in your diet if overeating is a cause of your overweight. We suggest moderate changes to your eating, not radical ones. The healthy guideline is that fat should make up about 30 per cent of your daily energy intake. Fat serves several important purposes in your sensibleplan. A layer of fat underneath your skin insulates your body against both physical knocks and excessive heat loss. Fat is a rich energy source so it is an efficient way for your body to store energy for future needs. Some fat in a recipe can make the food taste good, making your eating enjoyable.

The problem for us humans is that for most of our existence food has been in short and unreliable supply. For a fair part of the world's population that is still true. Under these circumstances it is a definite survival advantage both to enjoy fatty foods and to be efficient at storing any temporary surplus of food as our own fat. These historical advantages become health disadvantages when we have more food than we need, which is why overweight is such a public health problem in the wealthier countries.

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