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Fats play a significant role in our diet. They are highly concentrated sources of energy and carry vitamins A, D, E and K. They also perform a not unimportant function in making food more palatable. Ideally, fats should account for only about 30 per cent of the diet although they frequently from up to 45 per cent.

The chemical composition of fats and oils is identical. We tend to think of fats as being hard and of animal origin, and oils as being liquid and of vegetable origin. In general this is true, but there are exceptions like vegetable-based hard margarines.

Most of the fats in our diet are made up of triglycerides which are broken down by digestive enzymes in the intestine into glycerol and fatty acids. Many of them are essential in maintaining the health of certain body functions.

Fatty acids are made up of chains of carbon atoms, each of which has four bonds. Two of these bonds are used to attach to the carbon atoms on either side. The other two are usually attached to hydrogen atoms, but sometimes there is a free bond which then forms a double bond between two carbon atoms. If all the spare bonds are attached to hydrogen atoms, the fatty acid is described as 'saturated'; if there is one double food bond between carbon atoms on the chain, the fatty acids is 'monounsaturated'; if there is more than one double bond, the fatty acid is 'polyunsaturated'.

All fats and oils contain all three types of fatty acids. Animal fats tend to have a higher proportion of saturated fats, while vegetable fats contain a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fats have been shown to raise blood cholesterol levels to a dangerous point. Polyunsaturated and in particular monounsaturated fats seem to have the reverse effect, and are even considered by some to undo the harm done by saturated fats.

Some fat facts

  • Excess weight is the result of the body storing energy which is not used. This can be caused by excessive calorie intake, insufficient energy expenditure or inefficient, sluggish metabolism.
  • Weight problems can lead to health problems. Overweight people tend to develop diabetes, certain cancers and high blood pressure which often result in strokes, heart failures, etc.
  • To determine if you are overweight, try this simple test:
    • IDEAL WEIGHT (MALE) = (HEIGHT [CM] - 80) X 0.7 +/- 10%
    • IDEAL WEIGHT (FEMALE) = (HEIGHT [CM] - 70) x 0.6 +/- 10%
  • If you are 10% - 50% more than your ideal weight, you are definitely overweight.
  • If you are over 50% more, you are seriously overweight.
  • When fatty deposits under the skin become excessive, it results in an orange peel or cottage cheese appearance often referred to as cellulite.
  • The number of fat cells in each person's body is fixed and cannot be changed (except through surgery!). The number is determined during the growing years of childhood.
  • Slimming cannot reduce the number of fat cells. It can, however; cause the size of the fat cells to shrink.
  • Slimming happens when the fat droplet in fat cells is broken down. Fatty acids are released and the fat cells shrink in size.
  • Fat breakdown is triggered when the metabolic process in the fat cell is turned on.
  • Certain cell stimulants like cola extract have the ability to trigger the breakdown of fat, provided these stimulants are delivered directly to the fat cells or cellulite deposits.
  • The accumulation of toxins in the gastrointestinal system affects the entire body's metabolism and will result in weight problems. Common symptoms of toxicity are tiredness, sluggishness, bad breath, water retention and excess fat in the body.

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