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Fattening Diets

Putting on weight can be just as much of a problem as losing it. It can, in fact, be much worse, because friends are often unsupportive since they are more likely to suffer from the opposite problem.

Causes Of Underweight

If your weight drops steadily, or if you have been ill and cannot put weight back on, consult your doctor.

In generally healthy people one of the commonest causes is a past illness which has affected the appetite. Regaining the normal hunger/appetite/eating link takes time.

Some people have a very high metabolic rate or are full of nervous energy which burns up calories. These people find it almost impossible to put on weight, and need not try unless illness makes them lighter or medical opinion indicates that a gain would be beneficial.

Digestion or absorption problems can cause weight loss and need medical investigation.

Eating disorders caused by mental problems like depression cause weight loss, as does anorexia nervosa: these need medical advice.

Putting On Weight

Generally speaking, the dietary rules for underweight people are very similar to those of a normal balanced diet. In a normal diet, when hunger strikes, fast energy but low-calorie snacks are the rule. here, appetite is more sensitive, low-calories are irrelevant, so when the appetite appears eat high-Calorie snacks such as a nutritious fruit and nut bar, a handful of nuts or a glass of milk, rather than a piece of fruit or a fruit drink. Try to avoid eating sweets and chocolate as snacks: building good eating habits is just as important for you as for anyone else. Sugar addiction just replaces one problem with another.

Try to eat three good meals a day as well as snacks, but don't overwhelm yourself with mountains of food each time. Being strong about eating regularly will help you, for a normal or overweight person, missing a meal may be acceptable, but not for you. Read the diet entry and choose your range of nutrients in foods you really like. Include plenty of vitamins A, B6, B12, copper and zinc in your diet. Set yourself whatever dietary standards you like, but don't allow others to make you feel pressurized into eating particular foods at particular times not of your choice. Try drinking a small glass of dry wine or sherry before dinner to stimulate your appetite.

Sitting around worrying about being thin could make you thinner: your muscles will waste away and make you still more enervated. Take plenty of gentle exercise, but walk up stairs, don't run. If you go to a dance or exercise class or go out jogging, take a snack with you in case you feel hungry afterwards. Try to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

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