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Guidelines For A Healthy Skin

  1. Always eat balanced meals with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and avoid crash diets. But chocolate doesn't cause spots any more than any other food, and hot spicy foods don't cause thread veins.
  2. Drink at least two pints of fresh water a day, to help flush out the kidneys. Take this water in fruit juices and herbal teas for variety, or drink sparkling mineral water with a slice of citrus fruit.
  3. Protect your skin from the elements by avoiding excessive sunbathing and using a sunscreen. If you must get a tan, concentrate on browning areas of the body where the skin is thicker, like the back, arms and legs. It's never wise to tan your face or hands, as these areas have the driest skin and will age the fastest.
  4. Moisturise well at all times - but especially in cold windy weather.
  5. Cut down or out on cigarettes - inhaling causes lines to develop around the mouth and eyes from squinting, and carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the blood, so reducing the amount available to replenish skin.
  6. If you live or work in centrally-heated rooms, keep a bowl of water by the radiator to prevent the air becoming too dry, and so lifting moisture from the skin.
  7. Skin has two growth periods every day - in the early morning and early afternoon. This is when new cells are forming in the basal cell layer. Treatments carried out at these times will be most effective.
  8. Avoid very hot baths - they are very drying. Moisturise well all over afterwards.
  9. Keep your skin as clean as possible at all times, but don't dry it out. Find the cleansing routine that suits you best, and use it whenever your skin feels grimy. Leave off make-up as often as possible.
  10. Try to avoid touching your face - and never squeeze or pick spots and blackheads if they are inflamed.
  11. Get enough sleep - with too little the skin itself looks tired, becoming sallow, puffy and lifeless. This is because while you sleep, skin renews its texture. The hormones responsible for cell division and renewal of skin tissue are most active during sleep.
  12. Protect your hands from detergents by wearing rubber gloves to wash-up, and moisturise your hands as often as your face.
  13. Keep alcohol to a minimum - it dehydrates skin.
  14. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise to stop the circulation becoming sluggish.
  15. Check your Pill - it could have advantageous or adverse effects on the skin. Some acne sufferers have been prescribed a combined Pill by their doctors instead of antibiotics. However, the Pill can cause brown blotches.
  16. Try to relax - tension and screwing up the face speeds wrinkles, and stress can make your skin oilier.

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