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How To Prevent Spots & Blackheads?

  • The simplest way to keep the pores clear is to exfoliate regularly, followed by a product which will help peel away blackheads. Look for medicated products containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Keep your hair away from your face. Greasy hair and skin go together, and hair can spread infection.
  • Sunshine or ultra-violet light encourages skin peeling, and so helps to clear blocked pores. So sunbathing or use of sun-beds in moderation can be helpful.
  • To squeeze or not to squeeze? If blackheads look ready to pop out, you could try removing them gently by using a blackhead extractor. This is a neat little instrument with a hole at one end, available from chemists. Pressure around the blackhead helps it to pop out through the hole.
  • Otherwise use your fingers. Steam your face first to soften both the skin and the material blocking the pores. Then wrap the fingers in tissues and gently roll against either side of the blackhead. If it won't budge easily, leave well alone, as too much pressure will bruise and break the skin, making your face red and blotchy for days to come, and possibly leaving tiny broken veins. Finish by applying a medicated cream to the empty pore.
  • Only ever squeeze a spot with a definite head that looks about to burst - pressure on an unready infected spot spreads bacteria below the skin's surface, infecting the surrounding tissue. Bad spots need a doctor's advice, and he may suggest antibiotic or even hormone therapy.
  • Whiteheads are plugs of sebum under the skin which are cysts in sebaceous or sweat glands. You can treat these yourself by pricking with a sterile needle (dip in boiling water) and squeezing out. Then apply antiseptic cream. If in doubt, seek professional treatment.

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