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Nn Allimax Garlic Extract

Why Should You Buy From Us?
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Maximize The Benefits Of Garlic Naturally

Allicin - The Natural Healing Properties Found In Garlic

Many people have been adding fresh garlic to food or taking garlic supplements because it has historically been considered a “wonder drug” against a variety of ailments and as a general support for health maintenance.

But are you aware that you may not be getting the real benefits of garlic this way?

This is simply because Allicin, the component responsible for garlic’s health benefits and medicinal properties, is destroyed easily by cooking, or when it’s exposed to air for long.

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Allimax Garlic Extract

Allicin is not found in intact cloves of garlic. It is only formed when garlic is chopped or crushed, resulting in a reaction between Allinase and Alliin from the different compartments in garlic. However, it degrades within minutes after it’s formed, so chopped garlic that has been left to stand for long is devoid of any Allicin.

The only way to really get the benefits of raw garlic is to eat the cloves immediately after they have been chopped or crushed-- before the Allicin has a chance to degrade. Even then, you need to eat as many as 40 whole cloves to get health benefits you desire. That method and quantity is likely to irritate your mouth, throat and stomach (not to mention the effect it will have on your social life!).

Until recent scientific advancements, Allicin could not be extracted, concentrated and stabilized. Therefore, most garlic supplements on the market do not contain any Allicin. They only boast of “Allicin potential” which is not the same as actual Allicin. Research has shown that the “Allicin potential” of garlic supplements is severely depressed due to gastric and intestinal conditions, and that the potentially released Allicin is a fraction of what is claimed, often less than 5%!


Allimax® is different from all regular garlic supplements as it is the ONLY one to actually contain Allicin. Each Allimax® odor-controlled capsule contains 180 mg of Allicin powder, extracted and stabilized, from fresh Spanish garlic, the best variety of garlic, through a revolutionary patented process.

Allimax® …. just one a day for excellent health

Learn more about the miraculous healing powers of Allicin in The Heart of Garlic book by Peter Josling, a respected researcher and the director of The Garlic Centre in Sussex, England.

He reports that Allicin can

  • Boost body defenses and allow faster recovery from a cough or cold
  • Provide a natural alternative to fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections
  • Protect the body from a wide range of diseases, including antibiotic-resistant infections
  • Maintain a healthy heart and circulation
  • Lower elevated blood pressure
  • Help to prevent and aid the treatment of various types of cancer

He suggests using Allicin to treat various health ailments such as:

• Acne • Allergies • Asthma • athlete’s foot • bed sores • bladder infections • boils • cancer • candidiasis/yeast infection • Cholesterol • cold sores • colds • coughs • diarrhea • food poisoning • fungal nails • hay fever • high blood pressure • influenza • parasites • pneumonia • poor blood circulation • Psoriasis • ring worm • shingles • sinusitis • sore throat • thrush • tuberculosis • upper respiratory tract infection • warts
• wounds

*The Heart of Garlic (£ 16.99). Published by Natural Health Holdings Ltd, UK

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