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Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples

Bioglo Cherry Pink And Nipple Cream

Men love baby soft, natural pinkish lips and nipples!


Japanese Plum For Gastrointestinal Problems

Japanese Plum Balls

Helps to relieve digestive problems, gastric and abdominal pain, indigestion, excessive gas and relieves mild food poisoning.


Stop Shying Away From Cameras, Mirrors And Important People!

Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil has helped millions of people overcome skin imperfections. New or old, scars, pits and other skin blemishes quickly submit to the healing powers of this restorative oil from Mother Nature!


Satisfy Your Man, Increase Your Own Pleasure!

Oriyen Manjakani Plus Gel

Thanks to a recent discovery, you can now reverse loss of elasticity from childbirth and aging, and be tighter than ever! And you can do it naturally, without surgery or drugs


Feel Like A Real Woman!

Kzanah Manjakani Sarapat Plus

Restore vaginal tone and tightness, eliminate excessive vaginal discharge, itching and unpleasant odors.

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Nn Natural Astaxanthin

Why Should You Buy From Us?
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Natural Astaxanthin: Mother Nature's Antioxidants

Astaxanthin: The Age & Disease Defying, Miracle Nutrient From Microalgae

Natural astaxanthin is a pigment that's derived from a species of microalgae called Haematococcus pluvialis. This red pigment protects the algae from hyperstressed conditions such as extreme heat or cold, water deprivation and lack of nutrients. It works like a force field to protect the algae and enables it to survive dormant for up to 40 years! Once it is put back into water and fed, it goes swimming around as healthy as it was years earlier.

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Net Content: 30 X 4mg sofgel, Price: US$79.90, Availability: In stock, Buy 2 and get 3rd FREE!

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Nn Natural Astaxanthin

Natural astaxanthin is

  • 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10
  • 550 tiems stronger than Vitamin E
There is no antioxidant known in science that is more powerful than astaxanthin. Its combination of superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties enable it to deliver clinically proven benefits to our entire body.

Its small molecular size and lipid solubility enables it to travel throughout our body and into every cell and organ - muscles, skin, heart, joints - and even cross the blood-brain barrier and blood-retinal barrier to deliver benefits to our brain and eyes.

Sharper, Clearer Vision - 10 X More Potent than Popular Eye Nutrients Lutein & Zeaxanthin!

Studies in Japan show that natural astaxanthin is 10 times more powerful than carotenolds lutein and zeaxanthm. Natural astaxanthin crosses the blood-retinal barrien reaches the inner eye and exerts its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects to protect our eyes from a range of complications including caracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and strain from exposure to UV rays and computers.

Amazing success rate from natural astaxanthin users:

Relieves eye fatigue in 77% of tested subjects, improves ability to see nearby objects (long-sightedness) in 65% and improves blurred vision in 61% of total subjects.

"Astaxanthin protects the eyes from free-radical damage and helps retard the formation of cataracts." - Dr Joseph Mercolai, natural health practitioner and author of, the #1 natural health website in America.

"This super nutrient protects eyes from developing cataracts, macular degeneration and blindness." - Dr James McDonnell, ophthalmologist at Loyola University Health System, Illinois.

Anti-Aging Superfood - Works Better than Vitamin C for Youthful, Fair & Silky-smooth Skin

Studies show that natural astaxanthin inhibits melanin production better than vitamin C - one of the most widely used and effective skin lightening active ingredients around. Hollywood celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum have also been reported to use natural astaxanthin because it helps reduce wrinkles and improve skin moisture and elasticity. This is in fact proven in a placebo-controlled study. Natural astaxanthin protects skin from harmful UV rays, reduces melanln production by 40%, lightens age spots, shrinks wrinkles and improves our skin texture.

World famous dermatologist, Dr Nicholas Perricone calls natural astaxanthin the "Superstar Supplement"!

It Is An Oral Sunscreen

Natural astaxanthin can even function as an oral sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin damage, Users that consumed natural astaxanthrn were able to stay under the sun for up to 50% longer wlthout experiencing sunburns.

88% Success Rate in Reducing Joint Pain & Muscle Aches

Astaxanthin is a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. lt works by reducing the inflammatory compounds that drive many chronic diseases. Even though it is 100% natural, astaxanthin is able to work better than popular drugs like prednisolone and is a safe choice compared to prescription drugs, many of which can be addictive and cause internal bleeding. Most of these drugs cannot be taken on a long term basis. Natural astaxanthin has no side etfects!

Prevents Atherosclerosis, Reduces The Risk Of Stroke

Atherosclerosis is a silent condition that narrows and hardens our arteries and is the main cause of stroke and cardiovascular deaths globally. Natural astaxanthin is able to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis at ALL stages oi its development. It increases HDL, reduces lipid peroxidation, triglycerides. and inflammation, reduces plaque formation, improves blood vessel elasticity, blood flow and thus reduces blood pressure. Preliminary studies show that it reduces the risk of stroke by 25% in just 2 weeks.

The key factors that differentiate natural astaxanthin from other antioxidants are its ability to quench multiple Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and suppress lnflammation, the leading factors of atherosclerosis.

One of the Most Potent Neuroprotective Supplements Yet Discovered - Mike Adams, editor of Natural News.

Natural astaxanthin improves brain health, memory and cognitive function and even fights Alzheimer's.

Just like for our eyes, natural astaxanthin crosses the blood-brain barrier and delivers unsurpassed protection to our brain. ln a recent study published In the British Journal of Nutrition, natural astaxanthin was found to be able to reduce the amount of harmful compounds that are linked to Alzheimer's by up to 50%. Now that's a significant risk reduction.

Randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have also shown that natural astaxanthin improved mental quickness, multitasking, memory and faster learning.

Boosts Energy Levels And Makes Your Body 62% Stronger

Natural astaxanthin is proven to have a positive impact on mitochondria, the cellular energy centers that produce up to 95% of our energy. A downside of this process is that it also creates lots of hermlul free radicals. As a powerlul antioxidant that's 800x more potent than CoQl0, natural astaxanthin neutralizes these free radicals, makes mitochondrial function more efficient and creates higher energy levels in our body.

Natural astaxanthin has also been found to improve strength and stamina, and to speed muscle recovery time after exercise. Now you don't need to feel less energetic or 'older' than you actually are!

More and more studies are emerging, unveiling the extensive and potent benefits of this amazing superfood. Natural astaxanthin also

  • Protects the stomach from ulcers and invasive bacteria, reduces acid reflux and heartburn
  • Protects the body from highly oxidative foods ie fried foods
  • Boosts immune function and helps the body resist infections
  • Significantly reduces pain from carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Prevents asthma by normalizing histamine levels
  • Reduces breast cancer tumor cells by 40%
  • Reduces oxidative damage to our DNA by 40%
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Reduces blood sugar level in diabetics and pre-diabetics
  • Protects the kidneys from damage due to high blood sugar
  • Improves fertility, sperm quality, motility and sperm count

AstaREAL: The World-Class Astaxanthin

Nn Natural Astaxanthin is formulated using AstaREAL, one of the most studied brands of astaxanthin in the world. The Astareal group is headquartered in Japan and has cutting-edge production facilities in US and Sweden.

Endorsed By Health Professionals And Athletes Globally

AstaREAL nutural astaxanthin has been endorsed by Internationally acclaimed cardiologists, ophthalmoloqists, pharmacists, dermatologists and leading athletes including Olympic medalisls

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