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Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples

Bioglo Cherry Pink And Nipple Cream

Men love baby soft, natural pinkish lips and nipples!


Japanese Plum For Gastrointestinal Problems

Japanese Plum Balls

Helps to relieve digestive problems, gastric and abdominal pain, indigestion, excessive gas and relieves mild food poisoning.


Stop Shying Away From Cameras, Mirrors And Important People!

Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil has helped millions of people overcome skin imperfections. New or old, scars, pits and other skin blemishes quickly submit to the healing powers of this restorative oil from Mother Nature!


Satisfy Your Man, Increase Your Own Pleasure!

Oriyen Manjakani Plus Gel

Thanks to a recent discovery, you can now reverse loss of elasticity from childbirth and aging, and be tighter than ever! And you can do it naturally, without surgery or drugs

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Nn Peptisoy

Why Should You Buy From Us?
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Bioactive Peptide Nutrition For Superior Health

Higher Absorbability, Better Efficacy, Greater Benefits

Utilising breakthrough proprietary technologies, Nn PeptiSoy is an exclusive Japanese formulation that delivers more than your regular protein supplements can provide.

  • Experience it working in under 20 minutes! (Proven increased mental alertness and focus)
  • 200% faster absorption than typical soy protein!
  • All the benefits of soy and collagen with even better results!

Product Info:

Net Content: 15 sachets X 21g per box, Price: US$79.90, Availability: In stock, 2nd at USD59.90!

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Nn Peptisoy

Experience the positive difference with peptides. If you suffer from these health problems, try Nn PeptiSoy!

  • Nn PeptisoyLoss of lean muscle mass
  • Stubborn fat areas
  • Stiffness in movement
  • Poor memory
  • Dry, wrinkly or sagging skin
  • Soreness after exercise
  • Obesity or high body fat
  • Low metabolism
  • Inability to focus at school or work
  • Sleepiness after meals
  • Muscle aches & strains
  • Weak body
  • Easy digestibility and absorption!
  • Great for children and the elderly!

Suitable for a variety of people who living in urban as follow:

1. People suffer from any chronic health problems
2. People eat processed foods, exposure to chemicals frequently
3. People often feel tired without any reason
4. Office workers who are doing exercise rarely
5. People do not have smooth defecation
6. Vegetarian


Take 1 sachet daily. Add into 250-350ml of luke warm water or room temperature water and stir vigorously for 30 seconds (or use a shaker and shake well) before serving.


Soy Protein Powder, Fructose, Thickener (Maltodextrin), Caster Sugar, Marine Collagen (Tuna), White Grape Fruit Juice Powder, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Acidity Regulator (DL-Malic Acid), Thickener (Guar Gum), Golden Pomelo Fruit Powder, Magnesium, Zinc, Red Grapefruit Powder, Vitamin C, Sweetener (Steviol Glycoside), Honey Fruit Juice Powder, Sweetener (Sucralose), Vitamin B3, Flavor Enhancer (Glycine), Vitamin B5, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.

*This product contains soy, fish and fish products.

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