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Stop Shying Away From Cameras, Mirrors And Important People!

Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil has helped millions of people overcome skin imperfections. New or old, scars, pits and other skin blemishes quickly submit to the healing powers of this restorative oil from Mother Nature!


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LV Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil

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Questions & Answers:

Is Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil 100% natural?

Yes. Laboratorios Coesam extracts the oil directly from the seeds of the Rosa Mosqueta fruit, which are cultivated following strict natural culture norms. The oil is then refined and processed by Coesam at its origin and bottled with a purity of 98.5%. The remaining percentage corresponds to natural preservatives, antioxidants and perfume that guarantee the oil's stability, efficiency and cosmetic aspect, without changing its natural properties.

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SpaceLelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

What are the main attributes of Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil?

It is a 100% natural product, containing around 80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids with excellent hydrating and tissue regenerating properties. In addition, trans retinoic natural acid is present in traces. This key element combines with the polyunsaturated fatty acids to give outstanding effects in the skin's regeneration processes, and help the healing of various skin blemishes.

How long should I wait to see visible effects on my skin?

Results depend greatly on the user's skin condition. Results are almost immediate for increasing suppleness and hydration. For scars, pits, expression lines and similar imperfections, results will be evident after 60 to 90 days of continuous treatment, with a minimum of two applications per day. It is important to consistently apply the oil to achieve optimum results.

How should I use it, and how frequently?Rose Hip Fruit

Apply the oil twice a day onto affected areas, with a soft circular finger massage until fully absorbed. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight immediately upon application, unless a sun block product is applied on top of the rose hip oil.

Is there any scientific evidence regarding the positive effects of Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil?

There are many scientific studies and cases, documented and conducted by several universities, research centers and by Coesam, that demonstrate and endorse the oil's outstanding effects. It is important to point out that almost all of this research was done with the Rose Hip Oil produced by Coesam. Click here to see pictorial testimony.

How is the Rose Hip Oil from Coesam different?

Coesam's Rose Hip Oil is the only one that is obtained through an integrated process which includes the selection and cultivation of special breeds of rose hip plants; extraction of the oil; refining; easy-slenulation; and bottling at the place of origin. Every step of the production process is done by Coesam. In addition, Coesam was the discoverer of the beneficial properties of rose hip oil and therefore "The Original." Coesam's Rose Hip Oil has been thoroughly researched, and carries with it the company's guarantee of quality.

Is Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil effective to on scars, even those produced by severe burns?

Yes. Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil significantly improves the general appearance of any type of scars, regardless how they came about. The oil helps with both new and old scars, but results are naturally better the newer the scar is.

May I use Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil for acne scars?

Once the acne has dried and healed, the oil is provides effective the treatment for the resulting scars. The oil should not be used when acne is flourishing because the fatty acids might worsen the condition.

Is Bioglo Coesam Rose Hip Oil indicated for skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and infections?

There are no easy-slenal scientific studies to support the use of Rose Hip Oil on these skin conditions. However, the product has been used with very positive results in some cases of psoriasis and eczema.

I do not have any skin problem in particular. Will I benefit from using Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil?

Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil not only helps the skin after problems have occurred, it is excellent for preventing skin problems from happening. Its outstanding hydrating properties favors and strengthens skin elasticity, helping to keep skin healthy looking. It prevents the easy-slenation of expression lines and, during pregnancy and dieting, it prevents stretch marks.

How is the oil used according to the various skin types?

Those with very oily skin are advised not use the oil directly but add a few drops to their moisturizer. Those with acne prone skin should not to use the oil until the acne heals. For all other skin types, regardless of color and condition, the oil is applied directly.

May I use Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil as a tanning lotion?

No, the oil is not easy-slenulated for tanning. However, you may apply it before applying your sun-bathing lotion. If you are a regular sunbather, applying the oil regularly will help prepare your skin for direct exposure to the sun. The oil is recommended for sunburn due to its moisturizing, hydrating and tissue regenerating effects.

Can the oil be used around the eyes?

The oil is specially indicated for the eye area, to treat expression lines and crows feet. Apply the oil sparingly and not too close to the eyes. If some gets into the eye, rinse immediately. A slight irritation may result. Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil Face

May I use Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil together with other cosmetic or make-up products?

Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil does not interact with other cosmetics and make-up, and is thus safe for use with other products.

Is the product safe on children and babies?

Yes, it may be applied for treatment purposes. Because babies have very thin skin, cosmetic products are generally not used for daily care. Click here to see the Before and After pictures of a 4-year-old clinical trial subject.

Does Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil have any contraindications?

There are no contraindications other than the two printed on the box. Avoid applying on acne-prone skin and avoid exposure to direct sunlight after application.

What is the lifespan of the oil?

If unopened, the oil in its original packaging has a minimum life span of two years, provided it is not exposed to excessive temperatures and direct sunlight. Once opened, we suggest using it within 90 days.

How does sunlight and heat affect the oil? Go To Top

Any natural oil becomes rancid when exposed to contaminants and external factors such as heat and direct sunlight. The result is a strong unpleasant odor. Even if this happens, Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil retains its favorable moisturizing and regenerative effects on the skin.

The oil has a strong smell. Why?

Rose Hip Oil has a distinct scent, which is usually modified slightly by the addition of a mild masking perfume in a small dosage. If the smell is too strong or very unpleasant, the oil might have become rancid. Check its expiry date. It is important to note that even if oxidation has taken place and caused rancidity, the attributes of the oil remain unchanged and unspoiled.

Can the oil be consumed?

The oil is a cosmetic product, with all its components approved by the health authorities for use in cosmetic products. It is not designed nor recommended for oral consumption.

May I use the oil on my pet? Go To Top

Yes, the oil would not pose any risks to your pet, if used according to standard instructions. The effects should be similar to those on human skin, with additional advantages on animal hair. Just don't feed the oil to your pet.

Does Lelan Vital Organics Premium Rose Hip Oil have any effects on melanomas?

The "Fundacion Coesam para el estudio de problemas de la piel" in Spain is currently conducting in-depth research in this area. Even though the research is not completed, preliminary results are highly encouraging.

Can I be sure that it will not cause any allergy?

Even hypoallergenic products only guarantee a 95% chance of not producing allergies in the environment in which they where tested, leaving the remaining 5% to the personal characteristics of each consumer. In the case of the oil, there are almost no cases. Reported cases were scattered, and happened to people normally prone to allergy. We recommend consulting your doctor in the rare case of a reaction caused by using this oil.

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