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Tips & Information

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Skin Care Tips


  • Autumn is here, and though we are scaling back outdoor activities, we still need to be careful to limit UV exposures. In fact, the largest ozone hole ever detected was recently in the news. This indicates a higher than normal UV exposure risk, even in Fall and Winter months, and may account for the dramatic increase in skin cancer rates. Remember: the #1 cause of skin cancer is excessive and/or unprotected exposure to the sun, so be sure to use your sunscreen everyday.
  • If you get a sunburn, bathe gently in cool or tepid (lukewarm) water using a gentle cleanser. Over the next 12 hours, apply cold compresses and take an oral, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine. Do not cover the affected area with oily preparations like butter or petroleum jelly - they restrict oxygenation and slow healing. If pain or inflammation is severe, consult a physician. Discontinue use of potentially irritating glycolics and benzoyl peroxide preparations (for treating acne) until the burn has healed. If sunburn or inflammation is painful or severe, consult your physician.
  • Sun damage is a leading cause of prematurely aging skin. Use a sunscreen with a Sun Protector Factor (SPF) of 15 every day! Remember to use sunscreen in the winter as well as summer; on cloudy days, as well as sunny days. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is reflected off of shiny surfaces such as snow, sand and water. Shade is not adequate protection from the sun.
  • Make it a habit to check for localized areas of sun damage. These often appear on sun-exposed areas such as the bridge of the nose, above the eyebrows, and the arm that sticks out the window while driving.
  • Moisturizers act as a barrier to water loss through evaporation. Phospholipid molecules hold moisture in the skin for up to 2 weeks.

Lifestyle, Nutrition and Diet

  • Remember to Moisturize! Not just externally, but internally, as well. Health experts recommend that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure water per day. High water intake is good for your health. Your skin, in turn, reflects your general health.
  • Eat right, sleep right, exercise and avoid stress! Remember, your skin reflects your general well-being - good health care habits are good for your skin!
  • Vitamin C in a daily dosage of 2000 mg is strongly recommended to help you maintain your good looks and prevent the appearance of "broken blood vessels". Vitamin C is one of the building blocks of blood vessel walls and helps strengthen them. This leads to more resilient skin.
  • Avoid or cut down on caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, spicy foods and extreme temperatures if you have fragile, superficial blood vessels. This will reduce dilation of the blood vessels in response to these stimuli, and helps reduce stretching the superficial blood vessels which may not spring back into shape.
  • Use only your own clean hands to wash your face. Don't use harsh or abrasive cleansers or puffs which aggravate fragile blood vessels. The skin on your face is thinner than skin elsewhere on your body and cannot tolerate harsh treatment.
  • Skin cell production slows down as we get older. This leads to a build-up of dead skin cells in the top, outer skin layer. Chemical exfoliation safely restores youthful glow, rather than resorting to harsh scrubbing which damages the skin and dulls your complexion.

Looking for the Right Doctor?

An effective way to decrease your risk is to ask the following questions when selecting a Plastic Surgeon:

  • Is the doctor certified? A five-year residency is required by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Has the doctor applied to a hospital's review board for surgical privileges? If the answer is no, it may mean the doctor's credentials are sub-standard.
  • Don't choose the doctor on price alone. Low fees may mean the doctor is cutting corners on treatment, or expensive life-saving drugs and equipment.

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