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Restores Youthful Pink Colour To Your Lips & Nipples

Bioglo Cherry Pink And Nipple Cream

Men love baby soft, natural pinkish lips and nipples!


Japanese Plum For Gastrointestinal Problems

Japanese Plum Balls

Helps to relieve digestive problems, gastric and abdominal pain, indigestion, excessive gas and relieves mild food poisoning.


Stop Shying Away From Cameras, Mirrors And Important People!

Lelan Vital Organic Premium Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil has helped millions of people overcome skin imperfections. New or old, scars, pits and other skin blemishes quickly submit to the healing powers of this restorative oil from Mother Nature!


Satisfy Your Man, Increase Your Own Pleasure!

Oriyen Manjakani Plus Gel

Thanks to a recent discovery, you can now reverse loss of elasticity from childbirth and aging, and be tighter than ever! And you can do it naturally, without surgery or drugs


Feel Like A Real Woman!

Kzanah Manjakani Sarapat Plus

Restore vaginal tone and tightness, eliminate excessive vaginal discharge, itching and unpleasant odors.

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SlimUP Smart Pants

Why Should You Buy From Us?
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Slip It On And Slim It Up, Lose Up To 8cm In 7 Days!

Change The Way You Look And Feel Today!

  • No nasty pills
  • No starvation diets
  • No costly creams
  • No expensive salon visits

Slim Up™ is your answer!

Affordable, super comfortable and most importantly, Slim Up™ gives you immediate, noticeable AND long term slimming results!

Waist up to*; -8 cm (7 days), -12 cm (28 days)

Thigh up to*; -4.5 cm (7 days), -7 cm (28 days)

Individual results may vary *Maximum values obtained from independent laboratory study results.

*Super soft, breathable textile

Product Info:

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SlimUP Smart Pants
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Just slip it on and let it work for you!

If waist and hip measurements fall into different size categories, choose the smaller size.

Size Charts XS S M L XL
Waist (cm) 59-66 67-74 75-83 84-91 92-105
Hip (cm) 84-92 93-98 99-108 109-117 118-130
  • Lose inches around the waist, hips & thighs
  • Controls cellulite like never before!
  • Exclusive and patented French technology

Lose up to 1 dress size immediately!

Advanced design trims the torso, flattens tummy and slims thighs.

  1. Wonder fabric with flat tummy compression area and special vertical knitting
  2. Special compressive knitted band lifts and shapes buttocks
  3. Proprietary 3D Biowave® knitting around the thighs delivers a revolutionary auto-
    massaging action that reduces adipose tissue and further conceals cellulite
  4. Seamless knitting keeps Slim Up™ invisible under clothes and incredibly comfortable

Truly an effortless solution to work on your cellulite!

  • 92% higher skin blood microcirculation
  • 83% of women notice a reduction in appearance of cellulite

The first real solution for stubborn cellulite

Bioactive textile with mineral crystals boosts circulation and reduces water retention. Millions of powerful phyto-marine microcapsules embedded in Slim Up™ release firming and sliming action upon contact with skin. Proprietary 3D Biowave® knitting technology adapts to your body's movement to deliver cellulite busting massaging action.

Wear for 8 hours a day to see the results
* Maximum values obtained on a panel of 89 women


1. How many washes do the Bioactive mineral crystals last?
Bioactive mineral crystals last for unlimited washes for reduction in the appearance of cellulite will boost drainage and microcirculation.

2. Will SlimUp™ Smart Pants cause irritation and discomfort on sensitive skin?
SlimUp™ Smart Pants is dermatologically tested and made from very breathable and soft material for maximum comfort making it very easy to wear.

3. Will SlimUp™ Smart Pants be noticeable under clothing?
SlimUp™ Smart Pants has a seamless design so it is discreet and barely noticeable under your daily clothes.

4. Can I wear SlimUp™ Smart Pants for more than 8 hours a day?
Yes, the suggested wear hours would be at least 8 hours a day but you can wear for longer hours for even better results.

5. Can I apply slimming cream or lotion and wear SlimUp™ Smart Pants?
We do not recommend to as the pants already carry the phytomarine microcapsules. Conventional products do not work as effectively as the phytomarine microcapsules whereby it has a slow release effect that will continue to work throughout the day along with the bioactive mineral crystals in the Smart Pants.

6. How many pairs of SlimUp™ Smart Pants should I buy?
You will need to wear the pants everyday for maximum benefits therefore; it is advisable to have at least 2 pairs to inter-change and ideally 4 pairs to cater to the convenience for everyday wear.

7. How to care for your SlimUp™ Smart Pants.
Similar to any other undergarments, hand wash is recommended with mild detergent. If machine-wash, use gentle cycle and cold water. Do not wring dry or expose to harsh sunlight. Please read and follow care instructions on box, leaflet, and label on pants.


"I have trimmed 8cm off my waistline and all it took was 5 days! The cellulite and stretchmarks on my thighs are also much lighter."

"You’d never think shedding a total of 5cm in as little as a week can be possible but this was exactly what I experienced! I also lost and 3kg and I didn’t even have to pay through my nose for it!"

"I wore the pants for 3 days and I am truly surprised with the results. Lost 5cm from thighs and 3cm from my waistline! Slim Up™ is also much more affordable than any other shape wear in the market."

"I lose 3cm while successfully dropped 2kg in under a week! Best of all, I accomplished it without any special diet or exercise."

"In just 3 days, I could feel that my clothes are much looser. I measured myself to check and found that I’ve lost a total of 3cm. Love this product!"

"For 2 years, I thought it would be impossible to fit into an old pair of jeans after having my 2 kids. Then I saw it happen in just one week with Slim Up™! It feels amazing!"

"I never expected it to solve my irregular menstruation problem. After wearing Slim Up™, my cycle is normal again. It is definitely a bonus while I shed off the kilos."

"My menstruation is not as painful as before, I am so pleased that Slim Up™ helps in this way too!"

Directions for use:

Wear for a minimum of 8 hours a day to experience its efficacy. SlimUp™ Smart Pants is meant to be worn next to your skin as an undergarment. For hygiene purposes, it can be worn together with panty-liner.


As Slim Up™ effectively boosts circulation and drainage, ensure you drink plenty of water for maximum benefits.

Usage Advisory

We advise not to use SlimUp™ while pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.

For hygiene reasons, intimates such as SlimUp™ is not returnable and exchangeable.

Developed by Laboratoire Skin’Up, France

Slim Up™ Smart Pants is the result of 10 years of R&D by Laboratoire Skin’Up in France, a world leader in cosmetotextiles. It is internationally certified through the prestigious Oeko-tex standards for product quality. All its slimming studies are conducted by accredited independent laboratories.

Loved by Ms. France, Ms. Europe and numerous French top models. Featured in leading French magazines.

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