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Sincojia Hydrogen Water Tumbler

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Drink the hydrogen water which eliminates free radicals and acidic wastes in the body!



Benefits of hydrogen-rich water:

  • Neuto protective

A small studies involving 17 patients with Parkinson use H2 water as an add on to conventional drugs show better result in cognitive function.

  • Reduce muscle fatigue and weakness

10 male soccer players just prior and after the game drink H2 water reduced lactic acid buildup, reduce muscle soreness.

  • Weight loss

H2 water induce fat burning, improve lipid metabolism and glucose metabolism, reduce triglycerides level and has similar effect as calories restriction.

  • Normalize blood sugar

Drinking H2 water for 8 weeks normalizes blood sugar. In a study in 2008, H2 water improve glucose metabolism in Type II diabetes and help those with glucose intolerance and insulin resistant.

  • Fight against cancer

A study in April 9, 2015 in which drinking H2 rich water enhanced apoptosis on colon cancer cell, inhibits colon cancerous cell growth in conjunction with medication 5-fluoracil.

  • Reduce side effects of chemotherapy

H2 improves the appetite of those undergoing chemotherapy (possibly with increase Grehlin secretion) and reduce the side effects of radiation and increase survival in mice exposed radiotherapy.

  • Improve gut health

Drinking H2 rich water creates a perfect environment for good bacteria (anaerobic flora).

  • Reduce wrinkles and improve skin complexion

H2 has shown to promote the synthesis of collagen and in a study of 6 people bathing and soaking for 2 months in H2 rich water; all six have reduction in their wrinkles.

  • Improve lipid metabolism and reduce cholesterol level.

A study in 2007 shows that H2 improved lipid metabolism, that LDL, the bad cholesterol was reduced by 15.5% after taking H2 rich water.

  • Increase longevity

In cellular studies, H2 has shown to prolong life span of stem cells. H2 can alter the levels of over 200 biomolecules which have important physiological roles. This together with its ability to protect organs such as heart, kidneys, liver, and cells from cytotoxic ROS free radical make H2 a credible candidate for increasing longevity.

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