Reasonable prices

We do not make huge profits from this online store. While the prices in this online store are expectedly higher than that in our local brick-and-mortar store, our profit margins are within reasonable range.

Our business costs are among the lowest in the market. Our store rental is low (less than US$0.75 per square foot), salary cost is low (the market rate for a shop assistant is less than US$150) and our utilities rates are the cheapest in this region.

Products are available and ready to ship

All our products are typically in stock and ready to ship. If for some reasons the item you ordered is out of stock, we will notify you immediately. We usually ship out our orders within two business days.

Products are new

All our products are new. We do not sell used, returned or damaged merchandise. All of our products are shipped in their original packaging.

Results guarantee

We cannot guarantee that our products work for everyone (noting that different people may react differently and some may need more time to see results) but we assure you that these products do work for at least 90% of our customers.

You will have to use the products strictly according to the directions stated (on the product packaging or as an insert inside). For example, if you are required to use the product twice a day, please don’t expect any results if you could only afford to spend time to use it only once a day. We will not guarantee the products for any such non-conforming of directions for use.

Risk-free guarantee

If you are not satisfied with any of the products under our 100% Money Back Guarantee, we will refund you the full product cost provided you return them within the stated period. E-mail us on the day you dispatch the goods to us. Refund will be made via your credit card upon our receipt of the goods in their original packaging.

Good working condition

We guarantee that all our products are in good working condition. We will promptly replace any damaged, defective or faulty products. Please refer to our Product Returns Policy.

Secured shopping

Shopping with us is 100% secured. You may always pay us via PayPal or credit cards over our website. Check out PayPal website at There is a 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account guarantee by PayPal.

Our website is SSL secured. Your credit card information is safe and secured.


We keep all of your personal information private. We do not sell, rent, or give any of your information to any third party. All of your information is kept confidential.