2beaut.com Gives You Free Item(s) Every Time You Buy…

We offer ‘Buy 2 and get 3rd FREE’ for most of our products. That’s right, buy 2 units of the same item, and we will ship you 3rd of the same absolutely FREE! No coupon needed!

How does it work?

  1. Chose the products
  2. Simply click the Add To Cart
  3. Click View Cart
  4. Put 3 or more in cart

then, follow the instructions to key in your paypal or credit card details to complete the orders.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Let us look how the discount would appear on the store front.

Buy 2 FREE 1 Demo

Notice that the customer gets a 1 quantity of Nn Glutamix FREE (100% discount of every 3rd item) when he purchases 3 quantities of it. Similarly, he would get 2 Bioglo Cherry Pink Lip And Nipple Cream FREE when he purchases 6. He would get 3 Oriyen Umeken Japanese Plum Balls FREE when he purchases 9 quantities.

Free Item(s) Program Requirement

  • Free item(s) apply to orders in a single invoice.
  • All item(s) offerings are shipping FREE!
  • You have the option of declining the free item(s).

Rules & Terms:

  • When you click ‘Add To Cart’ and have 3 or more in cart for particular item(s) in your shopping cart, you will be awarded the free item(s) automatically in your cart. The more you order, the more free item(s) you will receive.
  • Shipping and sales tax rates (if applicable) are NOT included in the purchase price.
  • You can order as many times as you wish. Each time you order, you will receive free item(s) based on that particular purchase. Orders cannot be combined over time.
  • Returns: Full or partial order returns will be subjected to the same system as listed above.