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Nn Glutamix


Works from the inside out for a whole new you!

  • Helps block the formation of melanin that darkens your skin
  • Lightens the melanin that’s produced naturally by your body
  • Inhibits the chemical reaction triggered by the sun’s UV rays that causes skin to tan


Glutathione Skin Lightening Supplement Pills

  • Outstanding nutritional support for 69 common maladies!
  • Proven in over 80,000 scientific studies!
  • Fights free radicals…
  • Eliminates potentially harmful toxins…
  • Highly nutritious way to strengthen body defences…
  • Helps fight premature ageing……..and much, much more!

Take delicious Nn GlutaMix chews that offer you the goodness of 6 specially-chosen berries including Vitamin C-rich Acerola berries, Kohjin™ Glutathione and Astaxanthin from Haematococcus algae. No messy or sticky creams all over your face or body…

*No injections…No pain…ALL gain!

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant found in the body, but often its supply declines due to lifestyle habits and ageing. The effectiveness of other antioxidants depends on, which helps them work longer and better. That’s why glutathione is often called “the Master Antioxidant.”

Beautiful Face

Great for those wishing to have:

  • Fairer face and body!
  • Pigmentation on cheeks lightened!
  • Freckles reduced!
  • Dark underarms remedied!
  • Age spots on back of hands reduced!
  • Dark skin between thighs lightened!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I take Nn GlutaMix?

First month: 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening, on empty stomach.

Subsequently: 2 tablets daily

For Health Improvement & Maintenance

1-2 tablets daily

2. How long before I can really see the results?

Glutathione had been shown to light the skin up to 3 shades through regular supplementation – that’s 3 times fairer than your original skin color! Although results may vary individually depending on the original skin color, some individuals are able to note visible changes in skin color as early as 2 weeks and generally, most individuals can see improvement in approximately 1 to 2 months.

3. Are the whitening effects of Nn GlutaMix permanent? Will my skin tone go back to its original color once I stop using it?

No, it is not permanent. After you stop taking the product, you also won’t instantly go back to your original skin color. However, as you are constantly exposed to free radicals, heavy metals, sunlight, harsh elements etc., your skin color will gradually return to its original shade after a period of time. Therefore, it is recommended to stay on a daily maintenance dose (after all, it is great for health too) or go on a periodic treatment dose.

4. How does Nn GlutaMix whitens the skin?

The type and amount of melanin (dark pigmentation) that your body synthesizes determines the color of your skin. With Glutathione, your skin creates less melanin. It also produces a lighter-colored melanin, (pheomelanin) instead of a darker-colored melanin (eumelanin), which whitens your skin even more. It functions via 4 actions:

  • Blocking the chemical reaction that forms melanin
  • Lightening any melanin that your body makes
  • Stopping the chemical reaction triggered by the sun’s UV rays and
  • Detoxifying your liver to prevent and remove – liver spots!

5. If I’m born with a dark skin tone, will I be able to experience whitening results with Nn GlutaMix?

Yes. As our skin darkens over time regardless of the color tone we are born with due to the various factors we are constantly exposed to (eg. free radicals, heavy metals, sunlight, harsh elements…etc), you will still experience the whitening effects. Also, as Glutathione causes the skin to produce more lighter colored pheomelanin instead of darker colored melanin, those with originally dark skin tone can still enjoy a skin whitening effect with GlutaMix over a period of time.

6. Is Nn GlutaMix a drug or chemical? Does it pose adverse effects?

It is neither drug nor harmful chemical. Glutathione is naturally present in your body and may be found in very small amount in foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats. The glutathione levels in the body decrease rapidly due to age, unhealthy lifestyle and unbalanced diet. Therefore, supplementing glutathione is beneficial to health and skin complexion. Glutathione although is regarded as pharmaceutical in Japan (as it has the efficacy of a drug), it is also regarded as safe – awarded with the FDA GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe) and is manufactured from Torula yeast (often used in food flavoring) fermentation.

7. Are there any side effects from the long-term use of Nn GlutaMix?

There are no side effects or interactions known even in its prolonged use. The only side-effect, we all know, is skin whitening. In fact, glutathione was initially sold for its health benefits. The skin whitening effects were discovered “by accident” when the people who took glutathione for health noticed that their age spots were fading off, and their complexion becoming fairer!

8. Is Nn GlutaMix suitable for men? Will men turn fair like women?

Yes it is great for men too. Men may not be interested in becoming fairer but they definitely will not want to look older than their age due to age spots on their hands, arms, etc. either. Nn GlutaMix’s whitening effects will be of great help. In addition, men would benefit from its antioxidative properties that protect against free radical damage, detoxifying properties that rid body toxins, immune enhancing properties taht defend against infections as well as protective properties against degenerative diseases.


9. Can children take Nn GlutaMix? If not, how old before they can start?

Children aged above 12 years old may take the recommended adult dose if they wish to enjoy the whitening effects or other benefits of Nn GlutaMix too. It is not necessary for younger children to start supplementing with this.

10. Will Nn GlutaMix turn my hair white?

No, of course it doesn’t! In fact, Nn GlutaMix may help fight premature graying. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), premature graying may be due to liver insufficiency. Glutathione benefits liver health by improving liver function for efficient detoxification to take place. Also, the buildup of hydrogen peroxide at the hair roots/follicles may “bleach” the hair causing graying. Powerful antioxidants such as Glutathione quench and prevent damaged caused by free radicals including hydrogen peroxide thus help prevent premature graying.

Direction of use:

Take 1-4 chews daily. Best taken on an empty stomach in the morning.


Xylitol (E967), Maltodextrin (Filter), Kohjin™ L-Glutathione 150mg, Mixed berries fruit powder (Flavoring), Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus algae powder) 1.5mg, Acerola berries (with Vitamin C), Mixed berries fruit flavor (Flavoring), Tricalcium phosphate (E341 (ⅲ), Silicon dioxide (E551), Sucralose (E955)

This product is made from natural ingredients. Colour variation between batches and colour changes may naturally occur over time and will not affect its benefits.

Kohjin™ L-Glutathione is a registered trademark of KOHJIN Co.,Ltd. Japan

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